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Explainer: Frequently asked questions

  • How do I stop getting so many e-mails?

    If you are receiving unwanted headlines from, your e-mail client may have accidentally or inadvertently been subscribed to one of our RSS feeds. Your software should offer you help in changing your settings or unsubscribing from the RSS feed. Information on how to do this with Outlook 2010 is available here.

  • How do I comment on stories?

    To comment on a story or blog post, click "leave your comment" at the bottom of story pages. Newsvine is's community site where readers can discuss news from a variety of sources, track conversations, write columns, clip links and recommend stories. Registration is free and easy and will allow you to manage other services such as alerts and newsletters. Click here to set up an account.

  • Can I disable ads in stories? provides news free of charge by relying on advertising revenue. This is standard practice for most media such as television, newspapers and magazines. Some ads may be displayed when a user hovers over an underlined word in a story. To read more on how this feature works, or to disable it, click here.

  • How do I purchase transcripts, reprints or videos?

    To order transcripts or videos or request permission to reprint copyrighted material, click here.

  • How do I get local news and weather?

    To get local headlines and weather reports on, enter your zip code or visit our local news page and select your location. If your browser is not set up to accept cookies or you delete cookies, you will not be able to personalize If you lose personalization settings, try re-entering your zip code. If you see local headlines that are stale or from the wrong city, you may have set your preferences before we upgraded to better offerings. To get fresh headlines, reset your location.

  • What is Viewpoint Media Player? Can I disable it?

    Viewpoint Media Player is an advertising media player that is often bundled with downloads of popular software such as messaging or other services. does NOT download Viewpoint onto your computer, but if you already have it installed (perhaps unknowingly), some of our advertisers may try to use the player to show you additional content, prompting a warning by your browser. If you wish to stop seeing such messages and remove the player, go to "Add/Remove Programs" on your computer, and click on "Viewpoint Media Player" to uninstall it.

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